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Your greatest successes in Retail will come from your Business Intuition.

Unfortunately, your failures will also come from your intuition, in questionable decisions and the lack of followup on good decisions. You need your intuition but your gut decisions are better when you get the facts first.  Reinvent your plan (Retuit: reworking by instinct and facts). With one or all of the integrated solutions at Retail Intuition, your intuition can work in overdrive.

Retail Intuition is working to solve the needs of small to medium size Specialty Retailers and Service Businesses who want to create a high touch customer experience.

Our company’s product, ClientMatrix is being designed to be an add-on to enhance the Customer Relationship Management aspects of POS (Point of Sale) applications in small local network environments.

Customers will enjoy the following benefits from using our product:
Higher Customer ROI- maximize marketing and selling opportunities
Improved Software ROI – no need to buy additional PCs or servers and installation uses current software.
Access to more information – your POS data is extended to accomodate what is important to the Customer

With ClientMatrix, Salespeople can stay centered on their client related tasks and selling opportunities and Sales Managers can have some meaningful metrics to project sales, evaluate their Salespeoples Performance and make corrections before it’s too late. Bottomline– Real Customer Focus means higher sustainable profits.
Point of Sale software by itself can’t deliver True Customer Focus only transactional management.This will be the only software that we know of built on this premise for small to midsize Retailers.


Contact Info :
John Caro, President
Retail Intuition LLC.
2932 Prince Wiliam Pkwy
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Phone: 703-447-6583
Email: John.Caro at Retuit.com

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